Aneshvardhan Pushparaj

Location : State College, PA

Job Title : Software Engineer at Comcast

Aneshvardhan Pushparaj

Being a fresh CS undergrad from Penn State University with no experience and a low GPA, I found it really hard to both get interviews and get through interviews. GetMeHired was a crucial part for me in securing multiple offers in the field I wanted (Software Engineering) in about 6 months. 

I first went through their extremely organized Bootcamp process. After that, I was able to work on their Learning Management System project alongside experienced developers and project managers. I strongly believe that the opportunity to work as part of a small team and directly contribute to the project (backend APIs and front-end components) gave me a lot of things to talk about during my interviews.

Their tried and tested career guide and resources taught me a lot of important things and I was never able to find such organized guides on the internet.

Lastly, the most important thing for me was the guidance from the mentors. I had confidence issues and they really helped me improve that from both a behavioral and technical perspective. They were also very responsive, had well-organized one-on-one meetings and mock interview sessions. Since the mentors have experience working with companies of different sizes, it was also really useful to get feedback regarding how one should prepare for start-ups vs larger companies. 

All in all, they know what they are doing, and having a closely connected team to whom I can reach out at any time was really important for me. I just needed to put in the effort and follow the steps given.

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Being someone from a different background other than CS, I got to learn nooks and cranny about programming through GetMeHired. The support from the mentors helped me choose my career path and get hired

I have been enormously benefited from the courses and mentoring sessions on full-stack web development, machine learning, image processing, DevOps and resume writing. The mentors and coordinators are very dedicated and knowledgeable

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