Ashish Joseph Vattoth

Location : California, USA

Job Title : Software Developer at HP

Ashish Joseph Vattoth

I am grateful to GetMeHired for the working/learning experience I had during my tenure with them.

When I graduated in May 2020, companies were cutting down their workforces due to the pandemic and the job market was tough. Searching for a job was like sailing in the deep ocean with no visibility of any land nearby.

At this point, GetMeHired was like a compass that showed me the direction to work towards. The mentors and other members guided me with hope, reassurance, and moral support. I remember when I had an interview with one of the FAANG companies, Mentor Muhammad Iftekher Chowdhury, put in extra time and set up a one on one mock interview session with me, even though it was working day, out of his schedule and he was situated in a different Time Zone.

The mentors shared their own interview experiences and learnings with us and were willing to put in extra hours if need be. I always had a personal manager - Ms. Kowshee Ashrafee, to approach, if I needed help with any situations I was going through. I believe that this personal touch, flexibility, and compassion they share is what I liked the most about GetMeHired. In short, they were exactly what they said, a team working towards one unified goal - "to Get Me Hired". Thank you everyone at GetMeHired.

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Being a fresh CS undergrad from Penn State University with no experience and a low GPA, I found it really hard to both get interviews and get through interviews. GetMeHired was a crucial part for me in securing multiple offers in the field I wanted (Software Engineering) in about 6 months.

I have been enormously benefited from the courses and mentoring sessions on full-stack web development, machine learning, image processing, DevOps and resume writing. The mentors and coordinators are very dedicated and knowledgeable

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