Mona Maharjan

Location : Syracuse, NY, United States

Job Title : Web Developer at SUNY ESF

Mona Maharjan

It is not an easy task to start your career in a foreign land. I had completed my Masters in Computer Science in USA from a good university with good grades but I still felt unprepared as I was about to graduate.

One of my major concerns was that my undergraduate degree was not in Computer Science which made me feel inadequate and hesitant to pursue any job. I felt uncertain as my graduation date got closer. I had no idea about how to apply for a job or prepare for interviews. I knew the courses that were part of my degree but had no idea about the skills required for the current job market. I started to look at job openings on LinkedIn, Handshake, Glassdoor and some other sites and read through the requirements which only managed to make me feel frustrated as I had no experience and none of the skills required even for the entry level positions.

One my close friends introduced me to GetMeHired (GMH) and I decided to join based on her recommendation. I had the first interview with some of the mentors who shared their experiences with me. This made me feel at ease and took a weight of my shoulder as I could see that they too had gone through similar circumstances and were at a much better place now.

GMH provided me with the necessary skillset required for this job market. The guidance from the people who are currently in this business is much more than any new comer could ask for. I am an introvert by nature and talking to new people is already challenging enough for me. So, interviews were one of the things about job search that I dreaded the most. However, the interview preparation with mentors gave me the confidence to face interviews.

I graduated in August, 2020 when the world was in the midst of the COVID pandemic. As any one can imagine, the job market was not doing so well. I had learnt the skills from GMH and started to apply for jobs but was not getting any response. This made me feel frustrated and lose confidence in myself. During this phase of my life, the mentors helped me a lot. I had one on one meetings with mentors who provided me with the support to keep applying and preparing for interviews. I am very grateful for the moral support they provided without which I may not have continued in this path. I am thankful to GMH for their support and mentorship. I would not have been able to start my career in USA without GMH.

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Being a fresh CS undergrad from Penn State University with no experience and a low GPA, I found it really hard to both get interviews and get through interviews. GetMeHired was a crucial part for me in securing multiple offers in the field I wanted (Software Engineering) in about 6 months.

Mentors of GetMeHired always motivated me to achieve the best I can. I had an incredible experience of working as a Full stack trainee with GetMeHired.

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