Rifat Zaman

Location : Santa Clara County, California

Job Title : Software Development and Triage Engineer, HCL at Google (TVC)

Rifat Zaman

I have been enormously benefited from the courses and mentoring sessions on full-stack web development, machine learning, image processing, DevOps and resume writing.

I have completed my undergrad from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and have pursued my graduate studies in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I have used MATLAB and Android Studio (using Java) to some extent in my graduate-level project, as it involved signal processing, and also had familiarities with Python, C, and C++ while working on my other projects.

I joined GMH not because I wanted to switch tracks, but because I wanted to learn some new skills, and it was a great opportunity for me. Their career services are exceptionally commendable. getting a job requires much more than having technical skills. It requires confidence, proper showcasing of skills, and lastly, presentation. GMH has helped me orchestrate my career skills in ways unimaginable.

While really enjoying what I am doing now, I do miss my academic life and learning from my Professors and GMH instructors along with my classmates. My advice would be to build a strong connection while you are still a student, as it will help you immensely after entering professional life.

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