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Get into data science

Course Overview

Introduction to data science

Introduction to GCP

Preparing the environment for the course

Dataset discussion

EDA to gain insight

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Exploring Data & Deriving information

Understanding the project’s scope

Deep dive into the dataset

Data quality check

Handling missing values

Removing outliers using IQR

Feature engineering for machine learning

Applying machine learning using scikit-learn

Evaluate and interpret the model

How can we make decisions from the model’s output


Building a Data Pipeline

Workflow orchestration

Understanding our data pipeline

Turning our notebook into a pipeline

Unit testing of all functions

Deployment of the data pipeline using Cloud Composer

Testing the data pipeline


Building Model & Visualize Information

Deploy the model

Getting the model’s output in Bigquery

Visualization of output using Looker Studio

Decision-making from visualization/dashboard

Methods of learning

Our interactive process ensures you learn everything thoroughly. These are distinct way you'll learn each topic so that you can retain everything you learn.

End to End Data Engineering Pipeline

You will be able to work on building an analytics tool using Azure. You will learn to integrate, transform and merge data from different sources and will build a data pipeline.

Resume brush-up and interviewing consultation

Brushing up your resume is always a great idea because first impressions are important. With some great strategies and valuable advice, your chances of performing well in interviews and getting hired will increase after the consultation. Mock Interviews will be conducted when you get an interview call.

Referral for Interview

Any referral for a job on the specific stream

Mentored by experienced professionals

Get mentored by experienced professionals from top tech companies. Having someone that you can look up to and go to for support is one the most important things for boosting your career. We have the best mentors for you from the best companies in the industry.

Doubt clearing sessions

If you are struggling with any particular concepts, our mentors are here to clear your doubts so that your actual performance is not affected. You can ask about anything until you clear your confusion.

Hands-on project

You will get real-world experience and knowledge from working on a live project. This engaging learning environment develops critical thinking skill

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5 mentors will endorse

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